Explanation of the Basic
        Principle of Electrostatic
        Induction Generator
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[Name of Document] A Letter of Patent Application
[Classification of Right] Patent
[Addressee] Head of Korea Patent Office
[Reference No] 0001
[Date of Presentation] October 12, 2000
[Name of Invention in Korean] 정전유도발전기
[Name of Invention in English]  Electrostatic Induction Generator
[Applicant] Name : : Kang Sam-jeong in South Korea
Applicant`s Code No : 4-1998-010515-6
               Name : Baek Mun-gu               Applicant`s Code No: 9-1998-000213-7
              Blanket Authorization Registration No : 2000-055325-7
              Name : Jeong Sang-seop           Applicant`s Code No: 9-2000-00159-1
             Blanket Authorization Registration No: 2000-055324-0
[Inventor]   Name : Kang Sam-jeong         Applicant`s Code No: 4-1998-010515-6
[Request of Judgement] Request
[Early Opening to the Public] Application
[Purpose]   I apply for an application according to provision no. 42 on the patent law, a request for judgement according to provision no. 60 on the patent law and the opening of application according to provision no. 64 on the patent law.

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