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The Meaning of Patent
- The patent system is to protect and encourage inventors by endowing them with the exclusive right of their properties called patent right, and it also contributes to the development of industry through the use of inventions by opening them. So it is also called a system to protect new technique, to encourage invention or to guarantee a private exclusive.

Application by Rights (Patent, Utility Model, Design, Trademark, PCT International Application)

Trademark Application
→ Clients submits a letter of suggestion or requests a trademark application.
→ After consulting a patent attorney, the application is decided
→ Whether there are prior registrations is examined through database
→ Results of investigation are compared and analyzed, and whether the application is similar to others is examined
→ A sample of trademark is made
→ Patent is applied for to the Patent Office

(Domestic) Application
→ After an inventor develops a technique, he or she draws up its drawing and its contents
→ After consulting a patent attorney, whether the invention is under the law on patent is decided
→ The inventor requests an application to the patent attorney, and then the patent attorney investigates prior techniques
→ After submitting a request of application, a draft of specification will be drawn up in accordance with the given form of the Patent Office
→ The inventor goes over the draft of specification
→ After proofreading the specification, patent will be applied for to the Patent Office

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